PC Upgraded Systems

If you purchased an Ourcade system that has the upgraded PC option. Below are quite a few useful links.

Getting Started

Below is a video that explains the system in detail and helps how to navigate and use the system. It is highly recommended watching this before operating the system.

Controller Options

Below you can find a lot of information about all of the different controllers you can use with our systems. Please read carefully as everything is outlined in great detail.

The following link will take you to a playlist which is full of videos outlining the details about the different controller options you can use with our systems:

Complete List Of Videos

Below we have attached a link directly to Arcade-One YouTube video playlist. Here you will find a ton of information useful for any arcade with the PC upgrade option.

Additional Help and Support

If you still have issues with you’re Ourcade System please feel free to submit a support ticket. Be sure to submit the correct ticket below one is for software related issues and the other is for all other issues. If there are both software related issues and other issues submit two tickets. One for the software related issues following the correct link. And the other for all other issues.