2 Player Mega SUPERSIZED

$2,000.00 $1,500.00

Number of buttons per player

How many buttons per player? Either 6 or 8 buttons.

6 Buttons is what we normally suggest.

8 Buttons is good to go with if you're getting the PC Upgrade.


Please describe what type of theme you would like. This is the vinyl that goes on the sides, control panel, and marquee.
We will contact you if we need further information, if not we will send a sample as soon as possible.

Additional Vinyl

Additional Vinyl

Vinyl of the face of the cabinet facing the player just below the control panel.

T-Molding Color

T-Molding Color

Please Select what T-Molding Color you would like.

T-Molding is the plastic trim that goes around the arcade.

Chrome T-Molding

Chrome T-Molding

Add a shine to your unit with using Chrome T-Molding.

LED Buttons Upgrade

LED Buttons Upgrade

Light up any night with our LED control upgrade. “Available colors are Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow.”
Mix and Match or simply choose one color.


LED Buttons Upgrade

LED Joysticks

LED Joysticks

Add LED Joysticks to any arcade build!

The color you choose for the controls will determine the color of the joysticks.

LED Trackball w/HUB

Add a fancy LED Trackball to control your favorite arcade classics!
NOTE: Without this selecting the unit will not come with a trackball.

LED Cabinet Lighting

LED Cabinet Lighting

Add a warm glow to any room by upgrading to our LED cabinet lighting. The LED stips are installed below the control panel and just under the face of the cabinet.

External USB Ports

Add a additional 2 externally mounted USB ports to connect any compatible USB device.
“USB controller or USB keyboard.”

Plexiglass Control Panel Protector

Plexiglass Control Panel Protector

Add a plexiglass protector over the control panel to protect against normal wear and tear on the machine.


Add some bass with a 10″ Polk audio Subwhoofer

Add some bass with a 10" Polk audio Subwhoofer

PC Upgrade with IPAC2 and Premium Controls

Get even more out of you’re arcade with this add-on bundle. Instead of using the Raspberry Pi we would install a fully ready to go PC.
NOTE: All of these options are only for the PC build. If you don’t select the PC upgrade the below options are not available.

PC Specs
Intel i5 3.1-3.3 GHz CPU
4GB Ram
2TB Hard Drive
Integrated Graphics Card

I-PAC 2 Usb Controller

Premium Buttons – Many other options such as Concave, Convex, Eclipse, Etc, and Sanwa Controllers

Includes free support and remote access to correct any issues you may experience.

NOTE: Light Gun we only offer with the PC option.

Add a spinner dial for some classic arcade games "Spinner Knob color is based off of control colors."

This adds effects to all of the led buttons and joysticks if you selected led joysticks. Not only will the buttons animate, it will also only light buttons in use depending on the games selected. For a example visit

Single AimTrak Light Gun WITHOUT Recoil **PC AND IPAC Is Required**

Dual AimTrak Light Guns WITHOUT Recoil **PC AND IPAC Is Required**

Single AimTrak Light Gun WITH Recoil **PC AND IPAC Is Required**

Dual AimTrak Light Guns WITH Recoil **PC AND IPAC Is Required**

Delivery/Pickup Method

Please Select below what type of delivery you would like.

Note: Shipping and Delivery both require an quote.

Customer Picks Up The Unit Once Complete. "We are located in South Bend, IN"

We offer Delivery within a 3 hour radius from South Bend, IN - Pricing will vary depending on location and will be paid for once unit is complete.

We will ship the unit to a address you request. The unit will be bolted to an skid and a crate would be built around it.

Product price
Additional options total:
Order total:


If you are in need of a 2 player unit but want the space of a 4 player cabinet this is a perfect match!

Overall cabinet is 48″ wide x 72″ tall x 32″ deep.

Actual width of the cabinet WITHOUT control panel is 33.5″ wide x 72″ tall x 24″ deep

WITH control panel is 48″ wide x 72″ tall x 32″ deep.

Cabinet includes 2 4″ speakers, amp, 32″ monitor, and 2 sets of controls.




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