2 Player Standup “Mega”


Cabinet Options

Below are cabinet options for the overall look of the cabinet.

Please enter what theme you would like to do. We can either do themes of past cabinets shown in our gallery. Or we can design one based off of what theme you request. We will send a sample to the email on the order for approval prior to printing.

This is the area just above the monitor. There is a light installed behind the monitor and lights up when the cabinet is powered on.

This is the edging that goes around the entire arcade. Please Select what T-Molding Color you would like. Options include Red, Dark Red, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Black, White

Non LED color options include Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White - LED Color options are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White

Non LED color options include Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White - LED Color options are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White

Optional Cabinet Options

These options are optional but make the build so much greater! Please select any options you would like.

Vinyl of the face of the cabinet facing the player just below the control panel.

Add a shine to your unit with using Chrome T-Molding. (If this option is selected please scroll up to the T-Molding color section and enter if you would like Chrome Or Gold.)

Add a warm glow to any room by upgrading to our LED cabinet lighting. The LED stips are installed below the control panel and just under the face of the cabinet. These rgb light strips are installed under the control panel and at the base of the cabinet. Mulicolor as well as flash or fade effects.

Add a additional 2 externally mounted USB ports to connect any compatible USB device. (Highly recommended to avoid opening the cabinet and connecting devices to the system that is installed.)

This option converts the regular image marquee to a LED Pixel marquee. Compatible with both the pi and pc options! 800+ images stored and changed from the command of the system. You can also create custom images as well as animations.! 25″ x 6.2″ (P5) for the Mega and Supreme sized models and a 20″ x 5″ (P4) for standard sized models. For a demo video please visit our demo video page under the support tab.

Add some bass with a 10″ Polk audio Subwoofer

Control Panel Options

This section you will select what options you would like for the control panel such as if you would like a trackball, led buttons, etc.

We recommend doing 6 Buttons per player. Games that use 8 buttons per player generally use a controller to play.

Light up any night with our LED control upgrade. “Available colors are Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow.” Mix and Match or simply choose one color. (Enter the colors above in the cabinet options section.)

Add LED Joysticks to any arcade build! (We love these LED joysticks but are slightly shorter compared to our normal joysticks.

Add a fancy LED Trackball to control your favorite arcade classics! (NOTE: Without this selecting the unit will not come with a trackball.)

Add a plexiglass protector over the control panel to protect against normal wear and tear on the machine. The plexiglass also pairs great with LED buttons creating a neat glowing edge!

System Options

Please select what system you would like to be installed. We offer both the pi 4 options as well as PC based options. All of our systems we offer support for both the pi and the pc options and operate great! A pi would be a good starting system but if you are wanting a all out gaming machine the PC would be the best way to go.! The PC option included upgraded controls, encoders, and buttons with the cost built into the cost of the PC options.

This option will have a pi 4 operating a 256GB build.

This option will have a pi 4 operating a 512GB build.

Specs: Intel i5 3.1-3.3 GHz CPU 4GB Ram 2TB Hard Drive

Specs: Intel i5 3.1-3.3 GHz CPU 4GB RAM 2TB Hard Drive EVGA GT 1030 2GB Graphics

Specs: Intel i5 3.1-3.3 GHz CPU 4GB RAM 8TB Hard Drive EVGA GTX 1050 ti Graphics

Intel i5 3.1-3.3 GHz CPU 16GB RAM 16TB Hard Drive (2x 8TB Drives) EVGA GTX 1050 ti Graphics

PC Only Upgrades

Below are some PC Only upgrades. In order to select any of the options below one of the four pc systems have to be selected.

Add a spinner dial for some classic arcade games "Spinner Knob color is based off of control colors."

This adds effects to all of the led buttons and joysticks if you selected led joysticks. Not only will the buttons animate, it will also only light buttons in use depending on the games selected. For a example visit

These RBG buttons paired with the Addressable LED Button upgrade make it so the system have capabilities of changing every button to any color. The system will automatically do different animations and change buttons to different colors. For the Button color above enter RGB in both fields.

Delivery/Pickup Method

Please Select below what type of delivery you would like. Note: Shipping and Delivery both require an quote.

Customer Picks Up The Unit Once Complete. "We are located in South Bend, IN"

We offer Delivery within a 3 hour radius from South Bend, IN - Pricing is based off of the distance you are from us. (Usually $100 hour only calculating the time to get there.)

We will ship the unit to a address you request. The unit will be bolted to an skid and a crate would be built around it. (Shipping is not included in the price due to too many factors such as weight size etc.) "Please reach out to us for a shipping quote."

Product price
Additional options total:
Order total:


Our MEGA unit include a 32″ wide cabinet design with a 32″ monitor, non LED controls, amplifier with 2 4″ speakers, light in the marquee, and vinyl of your choice for the sides, control panel, and marquee.

Dimensions are 32 wide x 72 tall x 24 deep

Multiple upgrade options are available upon request such as our most popular LED controls.

If you have a custom request please contact us prior to placing an order and we can definitely assist you.!

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 72 in


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