If you ordered or plan on ordering a unit that will need to be shipped please check out our un crating process. This will help guide you through uncrating the unit once received.

If you just received a arcade unit from us please follow this guide below to help through how to power on the unit.

Below are some helpful links for all of our systems. If you have read through the user guide as well as the help pages please feel free to submit a support ticket.

Raspberry Pi Support

If the Ourcade system you purchased has a Pi below is a link to the RetroPie site where there is a tons of useful information as well as a link to our user guide.

If you have visited the links above but still have issues with you’re system please submit a support ticket. Provide a detailed description of the issues and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible. This support ticket is for both software related and all other related issues.

PC Upgraded Systems

If you purchased a Ourcade system that has the upgraded PC option below is a few links that may be helpful.

If you still have issues with you’re Ourcade System please feel free to submit a support ticket. Be sure to submit the correct ticket below one is for software related issues and the other is for all other issues. If there are both software related issues and other issues submit two tickets. One for the software related issues following the correct link. And the other for all other issues.