Here at Ourcade Custom Arcades LLC, we strive on customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Ourcade! We offer multiple arcade models such as our small laptop unit all the way up to our Supreme 48″ wide cabinet as well as Virtual Pinball Machines. Visit our Shop to see different models as well as different options we offer.


All Arcade systems come standard with non-led controls and come equipped with a mini but mighty raspberry pi 4. Or choose our optional PC upgrade to take the build to the next level! Adding ROMs to these systems is extremely easy by transferring through SSH or by using a USB Flash drive. When placing an order you get to choose what color colors, joysticks, t modling color, as well as theme. After that you can select different upgrades for the build such as LED Buttons, Trackball, Spinner, and much, much, more!

Virtual Pinball

“Same with our Arcades you also get to customize our Virtual Pinball Machines. This includes otheme, control colors, and optional upgrades!

We currently offer a few types of Virtual Pinball machines. Our fullsized widebody pinball machine that includes a 42″ playfeild. Our desktop pinball machine with a 32″ playfeiled. A bartop upright pinball machine and a upright standup pinball machine. All systems are powered from a PC with a i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 250 GB hard drive.


After many request we have partnered with ARCADE-ONE to provide high quality PC arcade options.

Feel free to check out the website to see all the amazing features these systems offer. As well as a great explanation of many common questions.

The PC Upgrade options includes a 2TB PC running Hyperspin up to a 16th option. Equipped with either a I-PAC2 or I-PAC4, and Premium Buttons.! All upgraded arcades that include an PC also includes free support and remote access to help any issues that you may have.

We have also partnered with Pixelcade to offer LED Marquees!

Partnering with Pixelcade now gives the option of LED Marquee’s. This means depending on what game is selected the marquee will change! This adds a amazing dynamic effect to what would normally be a fixed lit image. Also, if all goes well we will have a option for past customers to purchase a direct fit option that would fit without modifications to the previously purchased cabinet. Simply remove the old marquee and install the new one.

DIY Cabinets

We also offer custom cabinet designs and blank DIY cabinets.

This option is for that person that want’s to take the more hands on approach on the build. You can get a cabinet that is completely blank and ready for vinyl. Or we could do a cabinet that is completely ready for controls and system. It’s just a matter of how much you want or don’t want done.

If you are interested in purchasing a arcade or a pinball machine but it isn’t exactly what you had in mind let us know. We can usually adjust our cabinet designs to suite anyone’s needs.!

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