All units are made on a per order basis which allows you to customize and decide many different aspects of the build.

This includes the following when placing a order.

  • Color of T-Molding
  • Overall Theme of the Cabinet “usually vinyl for the sides, control panel, and marquee”
  • What color buttons and joysticks
  • What upgrade options you would like “If any upgrades are not required.”

Please allow 2-4 weeks to complete your order. Once the unit is complete we will contact you to arrange a pickup time or a delivery preference.

Please note that we are currently working on shipping options. We are not able to provide shipping at the moment and all orders require local pickup “South Bend, IN – If you are unable to provide pickup please contact us at OUR¬†FACEBOOK to discuss shipping options.

When placing an order we only require Half down and the final payment once the unit is complete. In order to pay only hanf in advanced use promo code “DEPOSIT”

We can also accept the full payment as well, just depending on how you would like the handle the order.

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