We speak to a ton of people and we notice a lot of the time there are similar questions. To try to help answer any questions potential customer may have we have put together a few of our common question and answers.

  1. Q: Can we use bat top joysticks instead of ball top?
    • Yes we can use either bat top or ball top. The only time we can’t use bat top is when you do LED joysticks “LED Joysticks are only ball top.” If you have a preference of one over the other please enter “Bat Top” or “Ball Top” in the control color section when placing a order.
  2. Q: Can we do a flush mount trackball instead of the plate mount?
    • Yes, we are able to do a flush mount trackball instead of the plate mount we normally use. We generally go with the plate mount over the flush mount due to the way the flush mount trackball is mounted. The flush mount trackball is held in place with threaded inserts that get pressed into the wood under the control panel. Which we personally don’t like due to the fact that over time these inserts could potentially get pushed out. The plate mount we use actually sits on top of the control panel and plexiglass and the trackball is then mounted to the plate. Overall the plate mount is a lot less likely to have issues down the road. But we could install either flush mount or plate mount.
  3. Q: Do we recommend the plexiglass?
    • Definitively! We highly recommend the plexiglass control panel protector. Not only does it create a neat glow effect similar to fiber optic. It also makes the overall unit seem more finished, not to mention prevents the vinyl from wear or damage from use.
  4. Q: Do we recommend upgrading to the 50″ monitor on the supreme units?
    • We love the overall look of a supreme cabinet with a 50″ screen. But, we will say the one downfall is when going to a 50″ screen it then eliminates plexiglass over the screen. Not a huge issue in most cases but if there will be kids playing and the unit has a trackball a normal 43″ would probably be best in your case.