All Deposits and Payments are Final

Deposits and Payments are Final AND are non-refundable once materials and electronics are purchased to build the arcade. Due to each one of these systems being custom made we are unable to refund a order after we begin the ordering/building process. “With the exception that you request a refund prior to us ordering material, electronics, or dedicating time towards the build.”


We build all of our arcades on a per order basis and pickup is required within 48hrs of completion. If there is a delay on picking up the unit there is a $25.00 a day storage fee until the unit is picked up. If the storage fees accumulate for 30+ days we will then sell the unit to and your deposit will be forfeited. “Unless Financial Complications are Communicated.”

Upon pickup if there are any issues with the unit these issues need to be addressed prior to leaving. Once the unit is out of our possession all sales are final.

Completion Time

Normal time for completion is 6-8 weeks after the order is made. Depending on the number of orders in queue will play a part in the time it will take to complete the order. We work on a FIFO basis meaning first orders in will be the first orders out. (Orders are not eligible for refunds due to extended wait times.)

Once the arcade is complete you are free to pickup the unit according the the arrangements made with Ourcade Custom Arcades. If you have paid for delivery, we will arrange a good time for drop off prior to arriving. “Completion time may increase due to numbers of current orders.”


We offer a 90 day limited warranty on parts and defects & a 30 day limited warranty on video displays.
“Warranty excludes software related issues.”
But we do offer
*Free Lifetime Software Support on any software related issues you may have when using the ticket system located on our website.**

Note To Customers

All of our systems are built by hand. What this means is every step of the process is done by hand. Including cuts, holes drilled, vinyl, etc. Not a single step of our process is done by machine. There may be minor imperfections from time to time.

By placing a order the customer accepts and understands the terms above.